Loneliness is a debilitating disease that makes its victims feel melancholic and sad. Many of us, at least once, experienced this. Like people animals also suffer from this disease.

Dogs are known as gregarious creatures that hate to be left at home whether for a short or long time. Cats are not pack species like dogs, however, they do need a social life, meeting and playing with people. For sociable animals, loneliness is the worst punishment that exists. They literally become depressed, may refuse food, and eyes cease to glow with living light. A lonely animal often feels betrayed and abandoned. This is called loneliness syndrome. But these creatures have permanent residence unlike those that were abandoned.

Animals in shelters spend far too much of their time alone, without much to do. Despite these animal houses provide a warm and safe place that allows staying until their owner or new family comes to take them home, life there is more stressful and frustrating then it might be at their own home. Even some of the best shelters can still be chaotic, frightening, and lonely places for the animals.

Volunteers and staff do all their best to improve the life of shelter inhabitants. Their task is to care of such animals as much as it is possible because animals cannot care for themselves. It does not mean only feeding and cleaning up after the pets, they pay attention to each animal, too, try cheering rueful kinds and keep them as happier as they can. Unfortunately, the number of dogs and cats is huge, that is why these workers cannot devote much time to everyone.

Homeless animals are filled with unconditional love and devotion. In pet shelters, there are many various animals that do not still have their own home. Perhaps, right now, there is the one that is waiting for you. Help lonely shelter residents to feel loved and ward off its loneliness.