It was a spontaneous and best decision that we had made of late. We took a dog from the shelter – the middle-sized, black dog with a fluffy tail and big eyes. It was not known whether he had been loved before by his owner, had lived at home and eaten enough or if he had been wandering about the streets alone and starving. But his past did not matter to us what did matter was our desire to provide him with a happy future.

The thought that it would be easy did not strike us and it was a naked truth. The day we brought him home will stay in my memory forever. After my husband led him home the dog walked around in a cowardly manner. Surprisingly for us, after a while, he lay down on the place that had been arranged for him and fell asleep. Our new pet still did not have a name but his tail made us call him Fluffy.

At the beginning Fluffy was scared of every rustle and noise he was crawling around the house, was afraid of quick motion and darkness. Fluffy did not know anything about the existence of toys and that they could be played with. He ate quickly and cautiously. It took a lot of love and care to prove this dog that he was loved and needed.

But later our Fluffy turned out rather cheerful, restless, sometimes even a little bit ill-mannered but lovely creature. We started to spend more time outdoors and realized how many gorgeous sunsets we had expended staying at home. Moreover, playing with our active pet in the park helped me and my husband to lose some kilos. Unexpectedly we discovered the talent of the trainer, teaching the dog commands was really fascinating and entertaining process.

And now our morning does not start with coffee it begins with walking the dog. You cannot even imagine how the place where you live differs in the early morning; it is quiet, peaceful, and almost empty. I take a walk accompanied by my best friend Fluffy who jumps, whirls, gallops, and makes me laugh. This morning ritual energizes me for the rest of the day. We have made a huge number of friends, of course, they are all pet owners. Also, our home has become warmer and cozier. Every time when we return home from work our Fluffy greets us right at the doorway with such a dig excitement that the tiredness after a long working day vanishes in a flash.

When we decided to take the dog from the shelter our purpose was to help the poor animals to get a better life, but we had never thought that Fluffy would do a lot more for us than we do for him. This dog fulfills our life with bright and positive emotions, brings new colors and joy.