Once a famous singer John Lennon said ‘All we need is love’ and it is absolutely true. In the world, there are those who can give their love to people for nothing – animals.

As all single humans try looking for their soul mate, partner or the love of life animals also seek someone whom they are able to love. Especially the animals that stay in shelters need to share their love with someone else more than others.

Most animals that live in animal shelters have either been left as they no longer wanted or become lost without the identification of their owners. No matter how nice the shelter is, it still remains a stressful environment that contains all kinds of noise, people, and animals. In spite of this, homeless dogs are the most glaring example of an animal that strongly desires to love people.

Although many animals were betrayed by previous lords, they do not leave the hope to find someone they can love. Some of them may lie quietly in their cages, watch the world sadly, or just patiently wait for the very man who they are willing to love. Others may jump, bark, whine, and scurry about the cage doing all to attract the attention of people. In both cases, these signs revile not only the state of mind or mood but also the intention and eagerness to share their love with a new owner.

Everything is clear with dogs, there is no doubt that they struggle to become perfectly wonderful pets. But what can be said about cats and their ability to love? A lot of us share the opinion that cats unlike dogs are solitary, unaffectionate, unloving and selfish who do everything only for own benefit. Nevertheless this description sounds quite cat-like but among them there are those who need someone whose lap they can climb on, tuck in the paws and purr. That feeling of contentment they want to share with people.

As you see animals do not just search for the warm place to sleep, play and eat. They want and need someone to love, sometimes even without expecting to get the same in return.