In different countries, cities and towns there are homeless animals. This is a vivid proof of human cruelty and indifference toward the pets. After all, dogs and cats, the most common pets, more often get on the street.

happy dogs

It is not a secret for anybody that dog is known as a man’s friend. It is not in vain. These animals are so attached to the man that it is difficult to find a friend among the people more loyal than a dog. Scientists have proved that cats are also useful for humans. Cats calm down and relax their owners.

Abandoned animals are incredibly faithful to their new owners. Dogs will not only become best friends for each family member, but will be excellent guards and protectors! Stray animals, especially adult dogs, remember their life before and after meeting with the owner. They will never betray you, like my buddy a concrete contractor, whose customers often do, and will be eternally grateful for your love, understanding and care. However, there are many people who admire cats’ grace, willful character and independence combined with tenderness and playfulness. Cats are not just able to adorn the house with their presence, but they may bring comfort and a peaceful atmosphere into it.


In the shelter you will definitely find your own caudate friend. There you have a wide range of adult animals and inexperienced kittens and puppies. If you like, need or want you will be able to visit the shelter several times either for a search or for a closer acquaintance with the chosen pet.

Of course you can buy a thoroughbred animal and it will certainly give its love to you, but if you decided to have a pet do not waist your money, take the animal from the shelter. Its fondly gaze at you will be priceless. You ask me whether it will drastically change the situation if you adopt an abandoned animal. No, there are still a lot of cruelty, injustice, pain and disappointment. Nevertheless after brining adopted animal home you will know for sure that a list of unhappy creatures has reduced by one, and at least it is something!

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