Loneliness is debilitating disease that makes its victims feel melancholic and sad. Many of us, at least once, experienced this. Like people animals also suffer from this disease.

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Dogs are known as gregarious creatures that hate to be left at home whether for a short or long time. Cats are not pack species like dogs, however, they do need a social life, meeting and playing with people. For sociable animals loneliness is the worst punishment that exists. They literally become depressed, may refuse food, and eyes cease to glow with living light. A lonely animal often feels betrayed and abandoned. This is called the loneliness syndrome. But these creatures have permanent residence unlike those that were abandoned.

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If you think you are the one of those families whose life is good enough but you do not mind to make it happier you should definitely have a dog. The most amazing and valuable experiences in life is to own a pet. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that dogs can improve human life. Even though keeping a dog brings you an extra care, such as additional cleaning, vet visiting and time, there are many benefits which can be gained.

No matter how sullen you are, you mood will shortly rise during the game with your favorite dog. Only 15 minutes playing with your pet make you smile and all the troubles vanish like smoke. Communication with dogs causes a reduction of stress and increases happiness.

People with dogs are healthier than people without ones because they are moving. My son who has become a prominent local masonry contractor has been pretty depressed this last year. That all changed once his adopted dog Charlie came into his life and got him active again. Dogs make each and every member of their families do fitness, jog during the walks, breathe fresh air and play outdoor games. It goes without saying that a healthy family is a happy family. Continue reading “HAPPY DOGS HELP MAKE A FAMILY HAPPY”


Once a famous singer John Lennon said ‘All we need is love’ and it is absolutely true. In the world there are those who can give their love to people for nothing – animals.

As all single humans try looking for their soul mate, partner or the love of life animals also seek for someone whom they are able to love. Especially the animals that stay in shelters need to share their love with someone else more than others.

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Most animals that live in animal shelters have either been left as they no longer wanted or become lost without identification of their owners. No matter how nice the shelter is, it still remains a stressful environment that contains all kinds of noise, people and animals. In spite of this, homeless dogs are the most glaring example of an animal that strongly desires to love people.



In different countries, cities and towns there are homeless animals. This is a vivid proof of human cruelty and indifference toward the pets. After all, dogs and cats, the most common pets, more often get on the street.

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It is not a secret for anybody that dog is known as a man’s friend. It is not in vain. These animals are so attached to the man that it is difficult to find a friend among the people more loyal than a dog. Scientists have proved that cats are also useful for humans. Cats calm down and relax their owners.

Abandoned animals are incredibly faithful to their new owners. Dogs will not only become best friends for each family member, but will be excellent guards and protectors! Stray animals, especially adult dogs, remember their life before and after meeting with the owner. They will never betray you, like my buddy a concrete contractor, whose customers often do, and will be eternally grateful for your love, understanding and care. However, there are many people who admire cats’ grace, willful character and independence combined with tenderness and playfulness. Cats are not just able to adorn the house with their presence, but they may bring comfort and a peaceful atmosphere into it.




It was a spontaneous and best decision that we had made of late. We took a dog from the shelter – the middle-sized, black dog with a fluffy tail and big eyes. It was not known whether he had been loved before by his owner, had lived at home and eaten enough or if he had been wandering about the streets alone and starving. But his past did not matter to us what did matter was our desire to provide him with a happy future.

The thought that it would be easy did not strike us and it was a naked truth. The day we brought him home will stay in my memory forever. After my husband led him home the dog walked around in a cowardly manner. Surprisingly for us, after a while, he lay down on the place that had been arranged for him and fell asleep. Our new pet still did not have a name but his tail made us call him Fluffy.

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At the beginning Fluffy was scared of every rustle and noise he was crawling around the house, was afraid of quick motion and darkness. Fluffy did not know anything about the existence of toys and that they could be played with. He ate quickly and cautiously. It took a lot of love and care to prove this dog that he was loved and needed. Continue reading “EXPERIENCE WITH AN ADOPTED ANIMAL (DOG)”